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Effective as of 26 June 2019

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1. Services – is metasearch system of cheap flights and hotel rooms. We do not provide any services related to the sale of airline tickets or booking hotel rooms. Our task is to find for you the most profitable and convenient offers on all partner sites.

2. Purchase and booking

Please note that is only a search engine. We find for you a convenient offer for flights and hotels, and you choose where to buy yourself. Please pay attention to terms of use, cookies policy and personal data processing. They may be different from – As in case of any problems with your ticket, reservation or transaction. It will be necessary to solve this problem with the platform on which the sale was made. You must demand compensation or return of funds on the platform where you made the purchase, not from

3. Prices

All prices that are shown in the search results are provided by our partners. We do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the displayed prices and information – as the deformations of all inf regards you are interested in the services we provide our partners. We are doing everything possible for you to get only the latest offers and prices.

Air ticket prices
All prices for air tickets that are specified in search results are provided by our partners. Please note the fact that prices are constantly changing in real-time. The price you see in the search results may change at the time of payment. The Price may change due to currency differences.

Prices for accommodation in hotels
All prices and descriptions for hotels or hostels – provided by our partners. Prices are for the entire selected period. Please note that the final price may differ – because in some countries may be further paid for by the taxes.

4. Intellectual property

All content (photos, videos, articles, texts, graphics) displayed on the – is the property of and is protected by copyright. All users of this website are prohibited from using photos, videos, articles, texts for their own purposes and for posting on any another resources. You are allowed to view and get acquainted with the website data for personal non-commercial purposes.

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5. Indemnification.

Agreeing to these terms of use you agree with exemption from any liability company and all officials and persons as the company does not sell tickets and hotel booking. We do not charge any fees. The company provides only information services to find the cheapest deals on flights and hotels. All disputes for damages or repayment of funds, you should solve it with the organization, which took charge of the service flight or hotel booking.

6. Changes to conditions

We will provide to change these terms at any time. In order to be aware of any changes, please review this website.

7. Failure

If you are not satisfied with any item of these conditions. You can write to us on or simply close website and use another.