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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Effective Date July 1, 2019

Hello dear friends, we are in appreciate your trust in us and strive to store your personal data and do not disclose it to third parties upon requests. About whom and under what conditions we can provide your personal data is described below.

1. Personal data – what is it?

Personal data – is any information related you or your business.
These data include:
• Name
• Age
• Address
• Phone number
• Email
• Religion
• Point of view
• Preferences
• Psychological picture
• Financial state
(and much more)
Our website uses your data only to analyze site traffic.

2   Your personal data on

The collection of personal data on the website engaged in such analytical services as “ Google ” and “ Yandex “. These data allow us to analyze and improve end user interaction with the site.

Google LLC (USA)
We are in we use service of the Google company LLC  Google Analytics. Which in the US and meets the requirements of the EU  US Privacy Shield. With which you can read here (

Yandex Oy (Finland) uses Yandex service Metrika which are provided by Yandex Oy which physically located in Finland and complies with the obligation to protect the rights of personal data in EU countries. You can get acquainted with them here! (
In order for your personal data to be protected – we use only certified services and products in verified companies.

3. Who is entitled to receive personal data?

• You – have the right to request personal data. On change, analysis or removal from all databases in
• Government organizations – subject to the provision of a resolution on the issuance of personal data that are in the databases

4. Request processing time. processes all requests for the provision of personal data or to change them. During one month. But with the load, this period may increase by another two months.

5. Protection of payment data. only deals with finding profitable and convenient for you flights and hotels. A place where you will be paying you choose yourself. And please, before entering your data, read the rules of the service where you make payments.

If you do not agree with the above items please leave our website or use the services of other companies!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email us at office@