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What do you need to know the rest in Tunisia


What do you need to know the rest in Tunisia

The beaches of Tunisia will not disappoint you. The sand is snow-white and the sea is warm and affectionate.

Many people believe that if Tunisia is Africa, then you can come here at any time of the year. But everything is not so. Because of its geographical position and the Mediterranean climate, it is best to come to Tunisia in summer.

The winter is cool here. The temperature of water and air is +14, so it’s not very good for swimming and sunbathing. The nights are even colder. So, if you decide to go to Tunisia in winter, take warm clothes with you. But prices in hotels are very low at this time. And even on holidays, you can easily book a room and save a decent amount.

Tunisian Dinar is the official currency here. Although the local residents accept everything: both dollars and euros. So decide yourself, how to pay better. But if you don’t want to stay deceived, and if you are planning to spend money actively, it will better to exchange your currency for dinars.

The best exchange rate is in hotels. If you decide to exchange money in a bank, you have to keep a receipt. It may very well come in handy for you. You can’t export the dinars from the country. So, if you have a receipt, you can exchange the money for the currency you need. Dinars are also not accepted in Duty Free.

As in many other countries, Tunisia has several resort areas. Each area has its own characteristics that suit different categories of tourists. Buying a tour, determine in advance what you need. It can be a relaxing rest on the beach. You can also choose a tour with active entertainment and sightseeing. Everything depends on you.

The main resort areas in Tunisia are Hammamet, Sousse, Mahdia, Djerba Island and Monastir.

Going to rest in this African country, be sure to take a first aid kit. Also take something from warm things, because evenings and nights are cool here. Tunisia has a rich history. People began to live here 200,000 years ago. Each period left its prints here. There are many attractions here. So, you will not be bored.

You can make some exclusive purchases in this country. For example, a date liqueur. It is a sweet and strong drink. But drinking it is nice and easy. Buy olive oil, because Tunisia is the leader in its production.

Enjoy your holiday and unforgettable experience!

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