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Top-3 healing springs in Germany

Bad kissingen

Top-3 healing springs in Germany

Bad Kissinger (Germany)

The Bavarian resort Bad Kissinger is hidden in the picturesque valley of the Franconian Saale (Frnkische Saale) river. In autumn, the city turns into a magical palette of colors because of the surrounding leafy forest. The exceptionally beautiful flowerbeds create a unique atmosphere in the elite resort.

The Bad Kissinger is often called the city of six Springs. Rich in iron, the sodium chloride water heals ailments of the digestive tract, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal problems, gastrointestinal and gynecological illnesses as well as metabolic disorders. The most famous local springs are Rakoczy and Pandur. It is proven that both of them improve the functioning of the gallbladder and pancreas. The springs Maxbrunnen and Schnbornsprudel (respiratory diseases), Luitpoldsprudel (physical exhaustion), Runder Brunnen (stimulates blood circulation) have also become world famous. Some of the leading European centers of plastic surgery are also located in Bad Kissinger.

The resort was established at the end of the XIX century. Otto von Bismarck used to enjoy visiting the city. His museum is a staple tourist attraction. The ancient ruins of Otto von Bodenlaube’s 800 year old castle stand guard over the city.

The starting price of a week’s holiday for two: >€2800

Baden-Baden (Germany)

Baden-Baden has been famous for its thermal springs since Ancient Roman times. Local healers claim that there is no illness that cannot be eased in these healing waters. Popular hotels and beautiful parks attract numerous guests to the resort. On the cusp of the XIX-XX centuries Baden-Baden was called “the summer capital of Europe”. Today the resort is a synonym for health tourism. 12 of the main springs raise the healing water from depths of about two those meters. The water is rich in various minerals. All theses helps to heal and strengthen the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

The resort provides all sorts of entertainment. The Baden-Baden Theater’s design was based on the Parisian Opera. The second theater — Festspielhaus is so popular that it is the only theater in Germany that operates without the support of state subsidies. The first Faberge museum was founded in Baden-Baden. Also, recommended visiting Hohenbaden Castle. The city is also world renowned for its casinos.

The starting price of a week’s holiday for two: >€3400

Bad Ems (Germany)

17 healing springs with different components and temperature as well as a rich history, give Bad Ems a special status an the map of the European continents’ health resort. It was said, even at the beginning of the XX century, that the local water helps to overcome allergies, ailments of the nervous system, improves metabolism and the function of the respiratory system and musculoskeletal system, also helps with skim and gynecological illnesses.

Protected by the forest slopes of Taurus and Westerwald, the city provides visitors unforgettable views of the Lahn valley. The ancient monasteries, castles and mansions give a sense of variety of leisure activities in between treatments. Ems’ thermal springs have been very popular since ancient times. Nowadays a vast amount of open and closed swimming pools have been built, containing water from the mineral springs. The city offers impressive walking routes, one of which passes by a mansion where balls are held in the Marble hall.

The starting price of a week’s holiday for two: >€3400

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