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Three tips before traveling in Europe

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Three tips before traveling in Europe

While many first-time travelers in Europe are quick to head to the well-trodden Western part of the continent, we think there are a number of reasons why travelers should travel to Central and Eastern Europe instead. Not only are these parts of Europe significantly cheaper but there are a number of amazing, interesting destinations to explore!

This article is filled with essential information. It contains three tips before traveling in Europe.

1. Work out your budget.

One of the very first things you need to do before embarking on any trip is to work out what your budget is. This is particularly important if you’re backpacking Europe as your daily budget will have a big impact on both where in Europe you can visit and how long you can travel for. An average daily budget for backpacking Europe is around €40 – 50 per day. This will cover you for most places in Central and Eastern Europe, however, you can expect to pay more in Western and European countries and less in the some of the more affordable countries in the East. This daily budget will cover you for a dorm in a hostel, cheap meals (with the occasional splurge meal), transportation and one or two activities per day. In addition to your daily budget, you need to make sure you have enough funds to cover pre-trip expenses such as flights, gear and travel insurance.

2. Pick a rough route.

As mentioned previously, your daily budget should guide you in determining which part of Europe to backpack in. If your budget is tight and you want to extend your travels, then heading to Central and Eastern Europe is the way to go. However, don’t let your budget be the sole influencing factor in deciding upon a route. If you have your heart set on a particular destination or event that might be in a more expensive part of Europe, then can’t let your budget stop you from visiting there! There are always ways to cut costs. We recommend that you outline a few must-sees for your trip, and then determine a rough route around those destinations. There’s no need to over-plan your route as you’ll undoubtedly want some flexibility when you finally arrive in Europe. However, if you want to visit a popular festival or city that is known for getting a lot of tourists in high season, then it’s worth planning that well in advance.

3. Book your flight.

The most important part of figuring out a rough route a few months before your trip is so you can book your flight! Booking a flight a few months before your trip is usually the best time to do so as flights tend to get gradually more expensive the closer you get to your departure date.

If you have flexibility on your destination airport and/or arrival date, then we advise using to find a flight. allows you to search for prices by month and also by country rather than a specific city to find a great deal. If you know the specific date and city you want to fly into then we would recommend using to find the cheapest flight deal.

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