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The most interesting cities in Russia

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The most interesting cities in Russia

What cities are definitely worth a visit? What are the most interesting cities in Russia?

The first place belongs to St. Petersburg. It is the most visited in the world. It collected a huge and unique collection of monuments of architecture and culture. Here is one of the most important art museums in the world – the Hermitage. Also there is the highest cathedral in Russia, Mariinsky Theatre, Peter and Paul Fortress, more than three hundred bridges, the deepest metro in the world and so on.

The second place is for Moscow. It’s visiting-card is Tver region. Here are the main attractions located. The Bolshoi Theater and many other famous cultural monuments including the Kremlin. Like other most interesting cities in Russia Moscow has a huge number of unique and beautiful places attracting tourists from all over the world. There are many interesting things for children, for example, the Botanical Garden. It presents plants from different continents of the planet. There is a large pond where you can feed birds and make beautiful pictures.

Kaliningrad is very attractive for travelers. It’s rich historical past is closely connected with German culture. It is the most beautiful part of our country, located on the Baltic coast. The ancient city is interesting to visit because it has preserved many buildings of various architectural styles and beautiful castles. Here is a mild climate and a very beautiful clear sea. Also it is necessary to mention a zoo which is a unique monument of wildlife.

Vladimir is the universally recognized capital of the Golden Ring of Russia. The history of the city is rich and fascinating. Among the numerous attractions the most grandiose are the Golden Gate, Dmitrievsky, Assumption Cathedral. They are listed in UNESCO.

The most interesting city for children is Sochi. You can go with your children to the park “Riviera”. It is the best park in Russia. Also there is the oldest circus in the country. It is one of the most beautiful and large. Here is a wonderful climate and warm clear sea.

Kazan is no less beautiful and interesting city in Russia. It’s not only the largest port of the Volga, but it’s also the cultural and educational center of the country. According to the number of architectural objects and the level of their preservation the city is classified as “A”. It puts it on a par with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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