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The Bahamas


The Bahamas

Breathtaking natural beauty and warm waters of Atlantic Ocean make the Bahamas famous vacation spot. This archipelagic state consists of approximately 700 islands and boasts the clearest water on the planet as well as most intriguing and exotic natural phenomena in the world.

The best time for vacation

The Bahamas has warm and winterless climate, that’s why the isles are year-round destination for vacationers. Temperature varies from 74 F to 83 F in the daytime of summer and winter. But it may be chilly in early morning and at night during Bahamian winter that reminds late spring.

Peak season runs from December to April. Hotels and restaurants charge their highest prices at this time. No rains or hurricanes occur in wintertime. If you want to spend winter holidays in the Bahamas it’s advisable to book accommodation unit few months before your departure.

Off season lasts from late spring to fall. Summer brings hot sun and high humidity. May and June are the wettest months. There is also much rain in fall. But rains are not long-lasting in the Bahamas. Hurricanes are infrequent there. They may occur from June to November. Some holidaymakers like to visit the Bahamas during off season because of lower prices, less crowded beaches and restaurants, as well as summer sales.

New Year celebration

The Bahamas is popular New Year destination for many people from United States as well as for holidaymakers from all over the world. It’s unforgettable experience to welcome New Year on the beach near warm sea. And the Bahamas makes it possible.

The biggest parties with wonderful music, dancing, and delicious food await guests. Such festive atmosphere will make you to forget your cares for a while and make memories that will last forever. And different activities such as swimming, sun bathing, shark adventure dive, scuba diving, parasailing, and windsurfing will help to reach this aim. Don’t forget to write New Year postcards to friends in colder climate.

The most gorgeous festival called Junkanoo parade is held on December 26 and January 1. It’s original Bahamian fest that should be seen by vacationers who want to experience local culture and art. Bright dressed people dance to accompaniment of drums and whistles. The parade moves though streets of Nassau and makes everybody be in festive mood. Cash prizes for best music, best costume, and group presentation are awarded at the end of Junkanoo procession.

The Bahamas also offers romantic New Year’s Eve packages for couples in love. They may spend evening in their hotel room and enjoy romantic dinner for two. Sunset cruise and dolphin tour are often chosen by newlyweds during winter holidays.


The Bahamas is top honeymoon destination due to its out islands. Newlyweds may rent private island or secluded waterfront villa. There are hundreds of resorts and hotels catering to newlyweds in the Bahamas. They provide honeymoon, bridal, and romance packages. Picture perfect dream honeymoon will come true in this place.

Out islands of the Bahamas are perfect place for the best romantic getaway. Secluded beaches, crystal clear water, and different outdoor activities attract couples to this beautiful tropical location. Newlyweds may walk hand-in-hand along pink or white sand beach and see only their own footsteps at seaside. Romantic excursions and such activities as diving, fishing, hiking, as well as exploring caves and natural wonders are offered to couples.

Harbour Island is considered to be one of the best Bahamian out islands for honeymoon. Its pale pink shoreline stretches for 3 miles and makes it possible to enjoy the best of exotic paradise. Horbour Island is located far away from noisy resorts and is lined only by few private villas and hotels to create secluded atmosphere.

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