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Mysterious Egypt with its secrets


Mysterious Egypt with its secrets

One of the most visited and a famous resort in the world is the United Arab Emirates. Mild climate, luxurious beaches of the Mediterranean and Red Seas attract travelers from all over the world. However, the most fascinating spectacle is one of the wonders of the world – the pyramids.

This puzzle is interesting to many scientists and sometimes they spend a lifetime to figure it out. Who built it? How? And, most importantly, the purpose of these buildings? In Egypt, there are 118 different sizes and constructions of the pyramid. The most masterpieces are the buildings in Giza near Cairo. It is customary to think that these are the tombs of the pharaohs. But few people know that most of the tombs were empty during the excavations. It was such discoveries that gave the ground for the emergence of new hypotheses for the purpose of the pyramids. Some associate their appearance with magic – a place for rituals; others believe that these are points for the exchange of information with extraterrestrial intelligence or some kind of aerodromes for spacecraft, while others are convinced that these are ancient sources of energy.

And yet the quality of grinding individual stones, the accuracy and density of the masonry, are ideal, from the point of view of arithmetic, aligned faces, all this makes even a simple inhabitant think. After all, the tools of that time were clearly not allowed to perform such laborious and unbearable work. It is simply impossible to process so perfectly lumps with bronze tools, and placing huge stones on such a height, resorting only to physical strength, does seem incredible at all. Moreover, it is already known that the construction of one pyramid took a maximum of 20 years, and this time seems too short for the construction of such majestic and accurate structures. Scientists are puzzle over brains for decades. All the evidence presented today is justified by mathematical calculations and is not supported by any material evidence. Who did build these giants? Legendary Atlantis or simple Egyptians? And maybe the aliens? Unfortunately, to this day and is not known.
But archaeologists do not give up and continue to open the world community all the new secrets of the pyramids. For example, six years ago, with the help of a robot, a secret room was studied in the burial vault of Khufu, to which a very thin manhole was leading. A man could not get through it, but the technique showed scarlet hieroglyphs on the walls of this room, which they decode today. Even the clairvoyants were connected to the solution of the secrets of the pyramids. Edgar Cayce told the scientists about the hidden tunnels under the famous Sphinx and about the message to the next generations, which allegedly lies under the left paw of a lion with a human face. And who would have thought, but archaeologists really found these tunnels, and on their walls the death of human civilization was described because of the constant cataclysms associated with the space. But when the apocalypse begins, the universe will be already mastered and many people will find salvation on other planets and galaxies. They will become the creators of a new culture and generation. Believe it, of course, it is difficult, especially skeptics. But one event makes you think. Indeed, it is known that many archaeologists who were engaged in unpacking and digging the tombs died under strange circumstances soon after the discoveries were made, and the mummies and details found from the pyramids were never delivered to the destination.

Let’s hope that soon the whole world will know about the true purpose of these mysterious buildings. And the mystery of messages encrypted in inscriptions, the ideal geometric arrangement of the pyramids will not shock humanity, but will bring only positive and wise knowledge.

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