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Marmaris: where to go and what to see


Marmaris: where to go and what to see

This short article will tell you where to go, what to do and what to see in Marmaris.

Turkey has a long-established reputation for a cheap unpretentious holiday destination. However, here you can find some resorts that will occur to be even more luxurious than the cities of Western Europe or Asia. For example, you should pay attention to Marmaris, which is a port town and tourist resort of the Mediterranean coast.

Marmaris is a clear example of the success of Turkish tourism industry. It was a typical fishing village a few decades ago. Now it is a luxury seaside resort with a population of 30 000 people and dozens of hotels.

Geographical benefits of Marmaris

The Turks knew where to build a resort. This town at the junction of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea has an ideal mild climate. You will not suffer from debilitating heat even in July or feel cold in January. Storms in Marmaris are an extremely rare phenomenon. The resort is located in a bay, which is fenced off from the open sea by an island, and therefore the weather is always calm here. In addition, this town is considered to be one of the greenest in the country. If you look at the map of the Turkish coast from above, you will see that Marmaris is surrounded by a small but very impressive pine forest from the shore.

Where to go in Marmaris

This resort is considered to be the center of a party life of the Aegean Sea. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, karaoke clubs, discos, and football cafes on the embankment. Cinema cafes, restaurants with live music, national dances and belly dances will make you stay unforgettable. Marmaris has its own Bar Street, where the best clubs and dance floors of the city can be found. At night, the black sky is cut by huge laser beams, and open-air discotheques provide music for every taste and age.

What to see in Marmaris

However, a vacation in Marmaris includes not only clubs or beaches. You can see Marmaris Castle and visit the nearby resort village of Icmeler or the famous Cleopatra Island. According to the legend, Mark Antony gave this beautiful piece of land to his beloved. But Cleopatra did not like the local sand. That`s why the sand she loved was brought specially for the queen. It is here to this day. Each grain of this fine snow-white sand resembles a tiny pearl. But you will not manage to take it with you because you can enter the beach only wearing a bathing suit. Even towels should be left outside the beach. But these rules will not prevent you from admiring the sea and the royal beach, as well as feeling like a real Cleopatra.

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